Tidal Energy Source: Introduction

Tidal energy is produced by the increase and fall in the ocean waters. Tidal energy is a source of energy for renewable sources.

Tidal energy generator

Over the 20th Century, in areas with large mare ranges, engineers developed ways of using mare movements to produce electricity — the difference between high and low mare. In order to convert tide energy to electricity both methods employ special generators.

tidal energy source turbine

The production of tidal energy remains in its early stages. There has been a small amount of power generated so far. In the world, there are very few commercial mare power plants. La Rance, France, was the first venue. The Sihwa Lake Tidal Power Station in South Korea is the largest project. There are no mare plants in the United States and only a few places where mare energy can be generated at an affordable rate. The use of this kind of energy is much more possible in China, France, England, Canada and Russia.

tidal energy source system

Legal questions are posed in the United States about possession of underwater land and environmental impacts. Investors do not like tidal energy, because no clear guarantee is made that it will make money or help customers. Engineers work to develop tidal energy generators technology to increase their energy efficiency, to reduce their environmental impacts and to find ways to make a profit for energy companies.

One of the new proposals on the use of tidal power (DTP) is the dynamic tidal power. With DTP large dams will extend directly from coast to open ocean (as much as 50 kilometers).

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