Shares of Siemens Energy Plunge as the Company Seeks Support from the German Government

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In a surprising turn of events, shares of Siemens Energy, the renowned wind power giant, witnessed a significant drop of 35% on a Thursday afternoon. The cause of this sudden decline? The company’s decision to seek guarantees from the German government. This unexpected development sent shockwaves throughout the energy sector and raised questions about the stability of one of Germany’s leading energy companies.

The Unforeseen Downturn

Earlier this year, Siemens Energy had already made headlines when it chose to scrap its profit forecast. This move left many investors and industry experts baffled, as it was a clear departure from the company’s history of stable financial performance. The reason for this drastic action was cited as a “substantial increase in failure rates of wind turbine components” at its wind turbine subsidiary, Siemens Gamesa.

A Looming Challenge

The company also issued a stark warning that major setbacks at Siemens Gamesa could potentially drag on for years, casting a shadow of uncertainty over the future of this energy giant. This revelation sent ripples through the industry, raising concerns about the long-term viability of Siemens Energy.

Seeking Government Support

“The strong growth in order intake, particularly in the former Gas and Power business areas, leads to a rising need for guarantees for long-term projects,” the company stated in a recent announcement. In response to this requirement, the Executive Board is actively exploring various measures to strengthen Siemens Energy’s balance sheet. They are engaged in preliminary discussions with a range of stakeholders, including banking partners and the German government. Their aim is to secure access to an increasing volume of guarantees necessary to facilitate the anticipated strong growth.

The Enigmatic Figure

While Siemens Energy has remained tight-lipped about the exact financial figures involved, a German business news weekly, WirtschaftsWoche, reported that the company is seeking guarantees of up to 15 billion euros (approximately $15.8 billion). However, the company has not confirmed this reported amount when approached by CNBC for a statement.

Future Outlook

Siemens Energy remains optimistic about its financial results for the fiscal year 2023, stating that they are expected to be fully in line with their guidance. Nevertheless, uncertainties loom over the energy giant’s plans, as they have not yet decided on their annual budget for 2024.

Addressing the Challenges

Siemens Energy has been actively addressing the issues within its wind division, Siemens Gamesa. In a recent communication, the company revealed its commitment to resolving the quality issues and offshore ramp-up challenges that were announced in the third-quarter communication for fiscal year 2023.

Market Response

The repercussions of these developments were immediately felt in the stock market. Siemens Energy’s stock plunged, descending to the bottom of the pan-European Stoxx 600 index as Thursday’s selloff deepened. The market sentiment has certainly been affected, with shares of the company showing a 60% decline year-to-date.


The sudden and substantial drop in Siemens Energy’s shares and the company’s decision to seek guarantees from the German government have left many questions unanswered. Investors and industry experts are closely watching how the company navigates through these challenges and what the future holds for this energy giant.

For those interested in the latest updates on Siemens Energy and the energy sector, stay tuned for more information and insights.


  1. Why did Siemens Energy seek guarantees from the German government? Siemens Energy sought guarantees to support its long-term projects and growth, particularly in its former Gas and Power business areas.
  2. What was the reason behind Siemens Energy’s decision to scrap its profit forecast? The company scrapped its profit forecast due to a substantial increase in the failure rates of wind turbine components at its subsidiary, Siemens Gamesa.
  3. How is Siemens Energy planning to address the challenges it is facing? Siemens Energy is actively working to resolve the quality issues and offshore ramp-up challenges within its wind division, Siemens Gamesa.
  4. What are the financial implications of Siemens Energy’s decision to seek guarantees from the German government? The exact financial details remain undisclosed, but reports suggest that Siemens Energy is seeking guarantees of up to 15 billion euros.
  5. How has the market reacted to Siemens Energy’s recent developments? The stock market responded with a significant drop in Siemens Energy’s stock value, which is down 60% year-to-date.

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