Gigantic Solar Farm Set to Transform Gloucester Landscape

Gloucester solar panel

UK’s greatest solar homestead granted permission for 49.9-megawatt solar farm near Gloucester.

The planning authority has granted permission for one of the UK’s greatest solar homesteads.

JBM Solar Ventures 21 Ltd has received approval to establish a 49.9-megawatt solar farm. Besides, battery storage on land near Highleadon, located between Newent and Gloucester.

The new solar farm will encompass over 286 acres of agricultural land and will be operational for many years.

The development management committee of the Dean District Council approved the proposals on Tuesday.

Permission granted for a 49.9-megawatt solar farm near Gloucester, UK’s greatest solar homestead.

Officials had recommended endorsing the proposal. Therefore, they believed that the benefits of the solar farm would “significantly and clearly” outweigh any drawbacks.

County councilors also believed that this planning application was the least objectionable of the sites proposed between Newent and Highnam.

Taynton Parish Council objected, stating that there should be greater separation of the panels from Kents Green at the western end of the development.

They expressed concerns about potential glare and noise from inverter cabin cooling fans, particularly for the residents of Kents Green.

However, the experts working on the project argue that the solar farm supports the UK Government’s goal of transitioning to a low carbon economy.

The committee voted to approve the proposal by a margin of seven votes to one, with one abstention.

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